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The Preamble of DSAP

Direct selling is an oldest method of salesmanship in the history of distributing/delivering consumer products to the end users, dating back when merchants used to travel from place to place with an ever changing array of goods for sale. Then the direct selling channel became modern and popular and got mainstream acceptability with the traveling salesman but it was not until the 1940's, when the party model was pioneered. The current network marketing model is an evolution of the party plan which retains its foundation as a direct sales channel.

Day by day the importance and necessity of direct selling was tremendously increased due to the keen interest and easy buying facility at the door step of a customer such as few innovative products like vacuum cleaner & washing machines. This was because of the fact that direct selling was offering acceptable prices, face to face presentation, and demonstration of any product or service at the door step of the home or office of a prospective buyer.

It has been about more than 70 years since direct selling opened new avenues of income and profit for independent representatives to purchase products at wholesale prices and then sell them at a retail level. This business model relies on independent contractors, rather than traditional advertising, to spread the word about a company's products or services; it will cost more but will affect the retail price.

The word-of-mouth marketing approach works for several reasons: Consumers appreciate the personal approach, the convenience of shopping from their home, and the comfort of buying from those they know and trust.

Great products, personal service, sizeable income potential and cost effectiveness are some elements of direct selling that make it a viable economic model. Its appeal is enhanced by the fact that it offers individuals the opportunity to meet new people and join an industry where business has always blossomed with room to grow more.

In this industry, each representative is an independent contractor, not an employee; there is no set schedule or required number of hours. You can set up an office on your kitchen table with a phone and laptop, and this levels the playing field for you regardless of your age, ethnicity, gender or socio-economic background.