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Roles & Responsibilities

The Direct Selling Association of Pakistan defines its roles & responsibilities and is ambitious to function as under:

  • The Association will promote understanding of the direct selling industry, represent interests of its member companies and assist the consumers to understand the advantages of direct selling and to recognize the trustworthy companies who follow the Codes of Conduct of DSAP.
  • The Association will create, update and maintain a computerized database of all the registered direct selling individuals and companies.
  • The Association will take pledge by all its members, abiding by the code of conduct enforced by DSAP, to pay their taxes on time; hence boosting the economy of Pakistan.
  • The Association will prove to be an effective tool towards the eradication of unemployment prevalent in the country.
  • The Association will play its part for the documentation and registration of the not-yet-registered direct selling individuals and companies according to law of the land, hence providing its members a safe and secure trading environment.
  • The Association will address the problems of all its members and communicate the same to the concerned authorities on all the relevant platforms from stakeholders to the Government and from Apex trade body to Ministries in a unanimous voice and will try its best to solve all the trading problems faced by the members.
  • The Association will set the pre-qualification criteria for the direct sellers newly inducting in the industry and any new seller intending to join the industry will require a mandatory training.
  • The Association will start a training channel for the capacity building of the existing direct sellers via imparting knowledge through conducting seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and/or training sessions in multiple cities of Pakistan.
  • The Association will try its best to request & advise the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to include Direct Sales as a subject making it a part of curriculum from the grass root level to the relevant degree programs.
  • The Association will prohibit the use of Ponzi schemes and Pyramid scheme structures of direct sales in Pakistan in the interest of the industry.
  • The Association is committed to ensuring high performance standards of its member companies.

The Association believes in business without borders and that direct selling is a source of empowerment for people all over the world. Further, DSAP is ambitious to take the industry to new heights that would attract foreign investments by top of the line international direct selling companies in Pakistan that would result in the provision of high quality products to consumers, growth of the industry and would boost the economy of Pakistan at large.