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Objectives of DSAP

  • To promote the growth of direct selling and its recognition as an important method of distribution of goods and services in Pakistan.
  • To strive for the promulgation of clear regulatory guidelines from the Government of Pakistan.
  • To improve the image of direct selling and support direct selling as a legitimate way of individual business and additional income opportunity.
  • To promote fair competition and ensure consumer rights protection, and to pave the way for a favourable commercial and legal environment for direct sellers.
  • To make membership a sign of quality that indicates the reliability of the company and the quality of its products and services.
  • To promote the highest standards of direct selling in accordance with the code of ethics and rules of World Federation of DSA.
  • To provide accurate access to information to our members regarding the company's profile, product authenticity and compensation plan.
  • To help our members refrain from any unlawful business practices, unethical recruiting practices and exorbitant entrance.
  • To arrange and manage seminars, workshops and conferences on a national level.
  • To ensure that any product or services marketed by our members are reasonably priced and have a proper return and refund policy.
  • To stop deceptive marketing schemes, promotional campaigns and false claims/promises that are likely to mislead buyers or sellers.
  • To monitor the accuracy of the product value against money, quality grade, performance and market availability. To run the association on a non-political, non-commercial and non-religious basis.
  • The association shall purely run on charitable and membership basis.
  • To establish training facilities for members of the association.