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Membership Criteria

Individual Members

To enroll as an individual member of the Direct Selling Association of Pakistan, a direct seller should meet the following pre-requisites:

  • Should be a registered member of a direct selling company operating in Pakistan.
  • Should be a Pakistani national and must possess a valid CNIC.
  • Should possess a personal national tax registration number.
  • Should possess a matriculation clearance as a minimum level of qualification from a registered & recognized school.
  • Should provide a permanent residential address in Pakistan.

Corporate Members

To enroll as a corporate member of the Direct Selling Association of Pakistan, a direct selling company should meet the following prerequisite:

  • Should be a genuine company possessing appropriate registration in Pakistan, having a principal office with proper staff and valid product(s) (goods or services) to offer its consumers.
  • In case of a multinational company, it should be listed or registered and have its operations in more than five countries.
  • In case of a multinational company, the product(s) offered should be same and the price comparison should be equivalent, except government duty or taxes and currency conversion alterations, relating to other countries of its operations.
  • Should provide quality and halal certifications from local concerned authorities for the products offered in Pakistan; especially beverages, cosmetics, wellness & eatable products and other skin related products.
  • Should provide a region wise record and biographies of all the affiliated direct sellers of the company with their FBR registration numbers.