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Part 1. Introduction

1.1 Background, Objectives And Obligations

Direct Selling is the sale of consumer products or services in a face to face manner away from a fixed retail location.

1.2 The Association

DSAP hereby sets forth the Code of Practice with which its member companies shall comply in the conduct of their businesses.

1.3 Condition of Membership

It is a condition of membership of the DSAP that this Code is strictly observed.

1.4 Pledge

Companies of the DSAP pledge to adopt and enforce a code of conduct that incorporates the substance of the provisions of this Code as a condition of admission and continuing membership in the DSAP. Companies also pledge to publicize this Code, its general terms as they apply to Consumers and Direct Sellers, and information about where Consumers and Direct Sellers may obtain a copy of this Code.

1.5 WFDSA Model Code of Ethics

WFDSA Code of ethics incorporates all of the World Direct Selling Code of Conduct principles covering the activities of companies and individuals engaged in Direct Selling.

1.6 Objectives

The Objectives of this Code are to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Advertising and Promotion which is not misleading or deceptive
  • Sales conduct that respects the rights and privileges of the individual customer in the privacy of his or her own home or a place where sales take place other than a fixed retail location
  • Product demonstrations that give full explanation and cease on request
  • Disclosure of the Direct Salespersons full identity and address details/phone/mobile number. Apply a minimum 7 days cooling off period
  • Transparency in terms of payment at the time the product is ordered
  • Provision of comprehensive complaints and disputes procedures
  • Mechanisms to ensure that the Code is administered

1.7 Direct Sellers

Direct Sellers are not bound directly by this Code, but as a condition of membership in the Company's distribution system, shall be required to by the Company with whom they are affiliated to adhere to rules of conduct meeting the standards of this Code.

1.8 Self - Regulation

This Code is not law, but its obligations require a level of ethical behaviour from Companies and Direct Sellers which conforms with or exceeds applicable legal requirements. Non-observance of this Code does not create any civil law responsibility or liability. With termination of its membership in DSAP, a Company is no longer bound by this Code. However, the provisions of this Code remain applicable to events or transactions that occurred during the time a Company was a member of DSAP.

1.9 Local Regulations

Companies and Direct Sellers must comply with all requirements of laws in Pakistan. Therefore, this Code does not restate all legal obligations; compliance by Companies and Direct Sellers with laws of Pakistan that pertains to Direct Selling is a condition of acceptance by or continuing membership in DSAP.

1.10 Extra Territorial Effect

DSAP pledges that it will require each member as a condition to admission and continuing membership in the DSAP to comply with the WFDSA World Codes of Conduct for Direct Selling with regard to direct selling activities outside of its home country, unless those activities are under the jurisdiction of Code of Conduct of another country's Direct Selling Association to which the member also belongs.

2. Scope

  • a) The Code contains sections entitled "Conduct for the Protection of Consumers," "Conduct Between Companies and Direct Sellers" and "Conduct Between Companies." These three sections address the varying interactions across the spectrum of direct sales. The Code is designed to assist in the satisfaction and protection of Consumers, promote fair competition within the framework of free enterprise and enhance the public image of Direct Selling
  • b) This Code covers all of Direct Selling Association of Pakistan (DSAP) members, their staff, contractors, distributors, agents and Independent sales consultant/ Direct Sellers, including full and associate members while engaged in Direct Selling, for the sale of either products or services.
  • c) A member of DSAP may terminate their membership and their obligation to adhere to the Code by resigning formally from the DSAP giving fourteen days' notice. This however does not negate the obligation by the member to fulfil obligations incurred during the period of their membership.
  • d) Obligations to comply with the Code shall not cease until the last obligation to do anything required by the Code has been performed

3. Citation

This code may be cited as the Code of Ethics.